The Fond du Lac Band is one of six Chippewa Indian Bands in the state of Minnesota. The Fond du Lac Reservation was established by the La Pointe Treaty of 1854. Archaeologists, however, maintain that ancestors of the present day Chippewa (Ojibwe) have resided in the Great Lakes area since 800 A.D. Today, our Band includes over 4,200 members. The Ojibwe name for the Fond du Lac Reservation is "Nagaajiwanaang", which means "where the water stops".


Community Notices:

5/24 Deer Fawns: Late May to early June is the peak of fawning season. Between birth and about 6 weeks of age, fawns don’t travel much with the doe. Instead they curl up and lie still on the ground when the doe is not there to feed them. During the first 6 weeks of life, this is often a fawn’s instinctive response to danger as well – drop and lie still. Their lack of scent and spotted coat help them hide from predators. Sometimes this instinctive response to danger causes them to drop and lay flat in the middle of the road or peoples’ yards. A healthy, uninjured fawn is programmed to just stay still and wait for the doe to come back for it. Fawns found curled in a ball by themselves at this time of year are most likely not hurt, orphaned or abandoned. They are just waiting for the doe to return and collect them. The best course of action is to leave the fawn where it is, keep kids or dogs away from it and let the doe reunite with her fawn. This might take until dark or even up to 24 hours later if the doe has been spooked away. If the fawn is in immediate danger because it tried to hide in the middle of the road or in a backyard where dogs and kids can find it, move it quickly and quietly to a nearby sheltered spot and give the doe time to return and collect it. If a fawn is found next to a dead doe, or if it’s bleeding, been attacked by another animal or is lying sprawled on its side, you should call FDL Resource Management at 878-7101 or the Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic in Duluth at 218-491-3604 for guidance on what to do next.
5/24 Wildland Fire Training Offered - The BIA is offering a Basic Wildland Fire Training course from June 18 - 22. The course will provide the basic training needed, along with the physical fitness test (3 mile walk in under 45 minutes with 45 pounds of weight) to become a wildland firefighter. See below for details.
Wildland Fire Training Flyer
Wildland Fire Training Course Information
5/24 Burning Restrictions Lifted - The burning restrictions put in place by MN DNR and FDL Forestry have been lifted. Click here for full details.
5/22 FDL Reservation Royalty 2018/19: Applications for Fond du Lac Reservation Royalty are now open for youth ages up to 19. Applications are due by June 30, 2018. Click here for full details and application. Applications will soon be available at all FDL Community Centers as well.
5/18 NOTICE: If any Band member is interested in netting for yellow perch on Mille Lacs, please contact Terri Redding at 878-7155 for details and to sign up.
5/15 The Fond du Lac Band has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Solid Waste and Recycling Management Services. If interested, click here to read the full RFP.
5/10 PUBLIC NOTICE: An Article X petition has been filed against District I Representative Vanessa Northrup. Click here to view the public notice about the petition dated May 4, 2018.
5/10 Retirement Notice: Larry Anderson, President of the Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College is retiring, and there will be a reception honoring him on June 6, 2018, in the college amphitheater. Click here for full details and lodging information.
5/5 Spearing and Netting harvest has opened in the 1837 & 1854 Ceded Territory. The FDL Resource Management Division will hold daily drawings for Spearing/Netting this spring, similar to last year. Band members are invited to sign up early so they will be included in the daily drawings. Click here for details and the registration information. Click below to see the Walleye Declarations for spearing & netting in the 1837 and 1854 Ceded Territories.
1837 Ceded Territory Declarations
1854 Ceded Territory Declarations
4/30 Roundabout Construction Update: The Minnesota Department of Transportation has issues an information sheet about the upcoming roundabout construction at the I-35 - Hwy 33 Interchange. Construction of the roundabout is scheduled to begin on May 21, 2018. Click here to read the Information Sheet.
4/25 Exciting opportunities for students or graduates! The Fond du Lac Band has one Food Sovereignty VISTA position remaining! The position is through the Indigenous Food and Ag Initiative with the University of Arkansas (High School Diploma or GED). The position will be located at the Fond du Lac Tribal Center at 1720 Big Lake Road, Cloquet, MN and will work under the Planning Division. Click here for information and application details.