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The Fond du Lac Band is one of six Chippewa Indian Bands that make up the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The Fond du Lac Reservation was established by the La Pointe Treaty of 1854. Archaeologists, however, maintain that ancestors of the present day Chippewa (Ojibwe) have resided in the Great Lakes area since 800 A.D. Today, our Band includes over 4,200 members. The Ojibwe name for the Fond du Lac Reservation is "Nagaajiwanaang", which means "where the water stops".


Recent Additions:

Elder Overnight Trip - August 23, 24
Gatherers Market - July 17
Family Movie Morning - July 21
Birch Bark & Black Ash Basket Workshop - July 19, 20
Cobell Kick-Off Event - July 25
FDL Farm Volunteer Day - July 27
FDL Police Annual BBQ - July 17, Aug 14, Sept 10

Community Notices:

7/16 NOTICE: The FDL Diabetes Program is seeking a Fond du Lac communtiy member with diabetes to be trained as a leader to facilitate Living Well Workshops. This is a paid position. Interested parties must apply by July 31, 2019. Please click here for full details and contact information.
7/15 2019 Healing Circle Run: The Healing Circle Run connects ten Ojibwe reservations in northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. The 2019 Healing Circle Run will be held July 13 - 20. Runners will arrive at the Fond du Lac Ojibwe School on day 5 of the run. On day 6 they will leave Fond du Lac and head towards Mille Lacs. Click here for details, contact information, and the route map. For further questions/information, contact Thomas Howes at (218) 878-7163.
7/15 This year’s Mikwendaagoziwag Memorial Annual Ceremony is scheduled for July 31st at the Memorial, located at the Army Corps of Engineers Sandy Lake Recreational Area near McGregor, Minnesota. Click here for details, agenda, map and video link. There will be a bus for FDL Elders to attend the memorial. Click here for details.
7/15 NOTICE: The FDL Human Services Institutional Review Board (IRB) has two openings for positions on the Board. The IRB offers expertise for the ethical review and monitoring of research involving human subjects on FDL Band lands or facilities operated by the Human Services Division. Interested parties should apply by July 15, 2019. Click here for full details and contact information.

MNDNR is seeking FDL Bandmember input on the new Mille Lacs Lake Management Plan. Band members may opt to attend one of the public meetings listed below, or participate using the online questionnaire. Either way, now’s the time for FDL to participate in the planning for Mille Lacs Lake. Here is the website for our Mille Lacs fisheries management planning process, which lists public meeting details and links to an online survey: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/millelacslake/community-conversations.html

Tuesday, July 16: Mille Lacs Kathio State Park classroom, 15066 Kathio State Park Road, Onamia 
Thursday, July 18: Indian Mounds Regional Park pavillion, 10 Mounds Boulevard, St. Paul 

7/12 NOTICE: Fond du Lac is seeking a Law Enforcement Review Committee (LERC) member for the Brookston District. Information pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of the position can be found in the LERC bylaws by clicking here. Interested individuals can send their requests to the Brookston District Representative, Roger Smith Sr. at RogerMSmithSr@fdlrez.com.
7/11 ELDER TRIP NOTICE: There is an Overnight Elder Trip set for August 23rd & 24th, to Spirit of the Water and Indian Horse Relay Races. Sign-ups are due by noon, August 15th. Click here for full details and itinerary.
7/11 NOTICE: There is a vacancy on the Language Advisory Board, which meets quarterly each year. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by completing the application form linked below, and returning it to janisfairbanks@fdlrez.com. The position is open until filled. Application Link
7/8 NOTICE: There is a vacancy for a Brookston Representative on the FDL Housing Committee. Interested individuals can send their request to Roger M. Smith Sr. via email at rogermsmithsr@fdlrez.com. the deadline for requests is 4:30 pm on Friday, July 19th.
7/3 Mahnomen Bottled Water Grant Program: The Human Services Division Bottled Water Grant Program, has established a program to help alleviate Berkey Water Filter drawbacks, such as for families who have high water demand, where the Berkey units are unable to provide drinking water at such a high rate. The program will use ‘tenant lease holder’ information as provided to FDL Housing on the FDL Housing applications to establish a water allocation quantities and criteria for each home. It is presumed, that the FDL Housing applications have the most up-to-date and accurate information which reflects actual ‘eligible’ individuals residing in the home. For detailed information and verification form, click here.
7/1 Fond du Lac Resource Management announces a Notice of Availability (NOA) for the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) conducted by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians Integrated Resources Management Plan (IRMP). The IRMP established management goals, objectives and actions for the trust lands of the Fond du Lac Band. The NOA calls for a 30-day comment period. Information on providing comments can be found in the NOA. The NOA, FONSI and EA for the IRMP are available here: IRMP NOA | IRMP FONSI | IRMP EA
7/1 Fond du Lac Resource Management announces a Notice of Availability (NOA) for the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the Fond du Lac Wildland Fire Management Plan 2019. This Plan outlines programmatic strategies to be implemented using a variety of management activities including education and prevention of unplanned human wildland fire ignitions, reduction of hazardous wildland fuel situation, and use of prescribed fire. Comments will be accepted for 30 days regarding the FONSI determination. Information on providing comments can be found in the NOA. The NOA, FONSI and EA are available here: Plan NOA | Plan FONSI | Plan EA
6/27 NOTICE: The 13 Moons Annual Golf Tournament will be held on July 27th, at the Black Bear Golf Course. Proceeds will benefit the 13 Moons Gichi Manidoo Powwow Traditional Feast. Hole sponsorships are available. See details below:
13 Moons Golf Tournament Flyer | Sponsorship Request letter
6/24 FDL Farm Volunteer Day: Call for volunteers once again! Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered in May, we got a lot of important work done at Fond du Lac’s farm. It was such a great success we are going to hold another volunteer event on July 27th. There will be a variety of jobs for you to choose from including carpentry work, farm clean up, garden work, fence work and more! Lunch and dinner will be served for those volunteering for half and whole day event. Snacks and water will be available all day. If you have any questions or want to sign up for a shift email or call Jessica Murray at 218-878-2647, jessicamurray@fdlrez.com or by clicking here.
6/20 The Fond du Lac Water & Wastewater Department has isued the 2018 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for the drinking water in the following FDL communities; Ridge Road, Danielson, Mahnomen. See the reports below for details.
2018 CCR for Ridge Road
2018 CCR for Danielson
2018 CCR for Mahnomen
5/30 Big Lake Road Trail: The Big Lake Road Walking/Biking Trail is now under construction. The trail will be 1.3 miles long from University Rd. to Pinewood Dr. The construction timeline is from May 20 to July 31. The completion date may be extended by 2 weeks. Click here for full details and map.
5/29 Regalia Making Class: Mondays & Tuesdays starting June 10th through July 30th. Classes are held at the Cloquet Community Center. Click here for details.
5/24 Propane Sale Notice: Fond du Lac Propane has negotiated with their suppliers to purchase propane at a special price, and are passing the savings on to it's loyal customers! During the month of July, propane can be purchased for $1.39 per gallon. Some qualifications exist. Customers should check the FDL Propane site for details. Click here to visit the FDL Propane website.