The Fond du Lac Band is one of six Chippewa Indian Bands in the state of Minnesota. The Fond du Lac Reservation was established by the La Pointe Treaty of 1854. Archaeologists, however, maintain that ancestors of the present day Chippewa (Ojibwe) have resided in the Great Lakes area since 800 A.D. Today, our Band includes over 4,200 members. The Ojibwe name for the Fond du Lac Reservation is "Nagaajiwanaang", which means "where the water stops".


Community Notices:

4/24 NOTICE: Lake Country Power is distributing Free energy kits to its clients who qualify for Energy Assistance. The kits contain: Energy saving surge protector with 7 outlets, Dusk to dawn light control, and a Jump drive with energy saving tips. Recipients must be a Lake Country Power client, and have received a 2017-18 energy assistance grant. One kit per household. Kits must be picked up by the LCP/EAP client only. If you are unable to pick up your kit you must call to let us know who will be picking it up. For more information contact Joan @ 218-878-2658
4/23 Now that the snow is mostly gone, burning permits are required for all non-recreational fires larger than 3x3 feet. Permits may be obtained from the FDL Forestry office. All rules regarding what can and can not be burned still apply. Click here to see the list of prohibited items on the forestry webpage. Let’s all work together to keep ourselves, our homes, and our resources safe from wildfires.
4/17 Discover and Map Invasive and Native Species April 27 & 28! Help Fond du Lac discover and map invasive and native species. There are more than 200 known invasive species currently documented on the Fond du Lac Reservation including buckthorn, wild parsnip, tansy, spotted knapweed, honeysuckle, and Siberian pea shrub. Join others in an invasive species discovery hike. Bring outdoor clothing, smartphone, tablet, or a camera. The event will be taking place outside so dress appropriately for the weather. Weather permitting, materials and activities to document aquatic species in the nearby river and pond systems will be available.
Friday, April 27 anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM - Meet at the parking entrance and/or along the trails of Cartwright Road. (directions) View the trail map.
Saturday, April 28. Anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM - Meet the parking area and/or along the trails at the Pine Valley Ski Area. (directions) View the trail map.
4/4 Election Update: The April 3, 2018 Primary Election Results are now available. Click here to read the Primary Election Results. On January 11, 2018, the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe announced a regular election. The General Election is scheduled on June 12, 2018 with an associated Primary on April 3, 2018. The candidate list and election boards list has been added to the Government page. Visit the FDL Government page for this and any other election information, including the Election Calendar. Click here to visit the FDL Government page.
3/26 Sign-Up For Spring Spearing/Netting: the FDL Resource Management Division will hold daily drawings for Spearing/Netting this spring, similar to last year. Band members are invited to sign up early so they will be included in the daily drawings. Click here for details and the registration information.
3/14 Click below to see the Walleye Declarations for spearing & netting in the 1837 and 1854 Ceded Territories.
1837 Ceded Territory Declarations
1854 Ceded Territory Declarations