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Job Announcement

Title: Forestry Crew Supervisor, Full Time
Location: FDL Resource Management
Supervisor: Forest Manager
Closing Date: March 27, 2019


General Summary:

The Forestry Crew Supervisor will be responsible for the supervision for the forestry aides and forestry laborers on forestry projects. As a Forestry Crew Supervisor the individual will be responsible for implementing forestry or natural resource projects as assigned by the Forest Manager. Implementation includes appropriate timing of the project, gathering necessary resources needed, personnel and equipment. This position is seasonal in nature and may be subject to layoff.

Position Responsibilies:

  • Performs initial attack duties on wildfires in a supervisory or leadership capacity.
  • Responsible for submitted initial attack fire reports for all wildland fires and prescribed fires under the Forestry Crew Supervisor command.
  • Ensures that the firefighting personnel equipment and supplies are maintained in a state of readiness for quick response to wildfires.
  • Ensures that other forestry equipment including but not limited to bombardier, tracked skid steer, skidder, chipper, tractor and other equipment are maintained in a work ready state.
  • Maintain equipment records for the firefighting and non-firefighting equipment as directed by the Forest Manager.
  • Provides training in the safe operation of bombardier, tracked skid steer, skidder, chipper, chainsaws, brush cutters, tractor and other equipment.
  • As assigned, may operate power saws or brush saws during timber stand improvement operations, and/or fuel reduction projects.
  • Responsible in directing Forestry Aides and Forestry Laborers. Forest development, fuels reduction and prescribed projects as assigned by the Forest Manager. Is responsible for completing projects according to project specification and in timely manner.
  • Will train Forestry Aides/Laborers in the safe operation of equipment such as Chainsaws, brush saws, bombardier, tracked skid steer, skidder, chipper, tractor and other equipment on wildfires, prescribed burns, fuel reduction projects, forest development projects and other forestry projects as directed.
  • Maintain project and/or fire records as directed by Forest Manager.
  • Works with the Forest Manager and Bureau of Indian Affairs Fuels Specialist in the development of burn plans and fuel reduction project plans.
  • Must be familiar with safety standards in the Fond du Lac Forestry Safety Manual, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Wildland Fire and Aviation Program Management and Operations Guide (Bluebook), the Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG), Fond du Lac Resource and other safety policies of the Fond du Lac Band. Is responsible for providing safety training to crew members, application of safety policies and enforcement of safety policies.
  • Assists in tree planting projects.
  • May assist the forestry staff in timber sale or forest development project preparation.
  • Appropriate work attire is required.
  • Must attend all mandatory department trainings.
  • Ensures confidentiality of financial records and all records for employees, band members and/or clients.
  • Displays a responsive and professional manner in promptly responding to all requests, complaints, and problems.
  • Recognizes that each employee is a representative of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and is responsible for demonstrating courtesy, respect, and sensitivity to the needs of all others, including visitors and co-workers.
  • Represents the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and the department in a positive and professional manner in the community.
  • Required to maintain proper attendance including reporting to work on time in accordance with applicable policies.
  • Maintains a clean and organized work area.
  • Due to changes and modifications in the job from time to time, employees are required to be flexible and assume other responsibilities assigned by management as deemed necessary.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to pass the physical fitness test (pack test) in order to be Nationally Qualified for firefighting.
  • Lifting and carrying of items weighting over 50 pounds and shared lifting and carrying of heavier items, and similar strenuous activities requiring at least average agility and dexterity.
  • Walking over uneven terrain, standing, running, bending, stooping, climbing, pushing and pulling for long periods of time.
  • Moderate risks encountered in walking over rough terrain, and the loading, unloading and transportation of forestry equipment and machinery.
  • Risks include smoke inhalation, fire entrapment, snake or insect bites and stings, exposure to excessive machinery noise, and falling and rolling material.
  • Subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, including work in adverse or extreme weather conditions.

Position Qualifications:

  • Must meet National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualifications and maintain qualifications for Engine Boss, Firing Boss, and initial attack incident commander trainee.
  • Prescribed Burn Boss type 2 certification under NWCG standards within 3 years of hire is required. Employment is contingent upon this requirement and must be kept current for the duration of employment.
  • Knowledge of power saw and brush saw operation and safety.
  • Demonstrated experience in supervision of staff is required.
  • Knowledge of fuel reduction and Silv-cultural treatments are required.
  • Ability to operate various equipment such as skidsteer with brush cutter skidder, chipper, etc. is required.
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years of age.
  • Position requires on call availability.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing is required.
  • Ability to work independently and establish priorities is required.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy is required.
  • Ability to establish professional and harmonious working relationships on all projects and with all parties involved.
  • Subject to drug and alcohol testing in accordance with the Fond du Lac Reservation’s Personnel Policies.
  • Subject to pre-employment and annual background checks.
  • Travel is required.



APPLY TO: Fond du Lac Human Resources
1720 Big Lake Road
Cloquet, MN 55720


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