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Natural Resources - Invasive Species

Species out of place are a serious threat to the health of the ecosystems not only on Fond du Lac, but statewide. Invasive species can be plant or animal, from purple loosestrife to zooplankton, to fish. When an invasive species takes hold it can be extremely difficult to remove it, sometimes impossible. Fortunately, Fond du Lac Reservation does not have a large problem yet with invasive plants or animals. In an effort to prevent contamination of our valuable resources, Resource Management staff goes to great lengths to clean and decontaminate our field gear. Many of the lakes, rivers, and wetlands that we conduct our work in suffer from invasive species contamination. We are asking Band Members to review the links provided on this page, and do your part to protect our land and water resources.

Steps anyone should take to help:

  • Inspect your equipment, whether it is a boat, waders, duck decoys, etc.
  • Drain all water from your boat, motor, bilge, live wells
  • Dispose of leftover bait in a trash receptacle, not in the water
  • Rinse your boat and equipment with hot (104 degrees or higher), OR thoroughly dry equipment in the sun for 5 days before going to new areas
  • Know your plants, don’t transplant unless you are sure of the species of plant and if it is native to this area

Identification cards and information are available at the Resource Management Offices.

Associated Links:
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