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  • Responsible for the preparation and sales of Food & Beverage Concessions goods.
  • Provides service as food preparer and sales person in the concession area of the Golf course.
  • Responsible for all advances and accountable for all cash sales.
  • Provide assistance to concession cashiers, concession shift leader, and manager as required.
  • Assist in deliveries; stores inventory, supplies the concession areas, etc.
  • Cleans work area and food preparation counters and tables as necessary.
  • Ensures that food is wrapped, refrigerated and stored as required.
  • Stocks all coolers and condiment containers and keeps all areas in clean and attractive condition.
  • Provides over the counter beverage sales including alcoholic beverages.
  • Monitors customer behavior after consumption of alcohol drinks and addresses behavior of alcohol impaired customers according to policy.
  • Must attend all required SAR trainings.


  • Prolonged standing and walking is required.
  • Pushing and pulling on concession carts may be required.
  • Lifting and carrying up to 20 pounds of supplies is required. Occasional lifting up to 50 pounds is required.
  • All employees shall wash hands and arms with soap and water before starting work and wash hands during work hours as often as may be required to remove soil and contamination as well as after visiting the washroom.
  • The Golf Course Concession Sales Representative will routinely sell and serve alcoholic beverages, therefore this position requires the incumbent to be 21 years of age.
  • Subject to inside environmental conditions, including working in a smoking environment.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Positive previous work history required (Exception: recent high school graduate).
  • Ability to demonstrate good customer service skills and mathematical aptitude.
  • Previous experience in food industry preferred.
  • Knowledge of personal cleanliness standards and ability to conform to good hygienic practices.
  • Incumbent is subject to a comprehensive background check and drug testing.
  • Operations are conducted seven days a week and on holidays.

HOURS: Shift Work. Shift to be determined at time of hire.

TO APPLY: Complete transfer request or application and submit to:
Human Resources Department
Second Floor, Black Bear Hotel
1785 Hwy 210, Carlton, MN 55718

Permanent Posting Salary: TBD
  FT/PT Seasonal Positions Available

Contact Person: Tenase McClay, Phone (218) 878-2348