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Responsible for the dish washing/utility area. Cleans and sanitizes all china, glassware, silver, pots, pans, and utensils used in the restaurant. Fills the dish machine, sets up silver soak, prepares dish and glass racks. Supplies clean bus tubs for use by the restaurant staff. Distributes all cleaned items to the proper storage area. Reports any malfunction or improperly operating equipment to management. Ensures proper removal of trash, grease, and dirty linen from cooking area. Cleans and mops floors. Maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of the garbage area. Performs all cleaning and kitchen duties as outlined by the Kitchen Manager/Chef. Other duties as assigned.


Prolonged walking and standing is required. Lifting and carrying up to 25 pounds is required. Subject to inside environmental conditions, including work in a smoking environment.


Knowledge of cleanliness and sanitation standards for food operations is required. Ability to communicate effectively is required. Knowledge of personal cleanliness standards and ability to conform to good hygienic practices are required. Strong customer service skills are required. Incumbent is subject to bonding, security checks and other pre-employment screening requirements.

HOURS: Shift work. Shift to be determined at time of hire.

TO APPLY: Complete transfer request or application and submit to:
Human Resource Department
Second Floor, Black Bear Hotel
1785 Hwy. 210, Carlton, MN 55718

Permanent Posting Salary: TBD
  FT Positions Available

Contact Person: Tenase McClay, Phone: 218-878-2348