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Dental Technology

We are a progressive, updated office and we work hard to stay current with advances in technology.

Click the tabs below to learn about some of the dental technologies available at the Fond du Lac Dental Clinic.

Electronic Recordkeeping Software (Dentrix)

Paperless records are an efficient way to record and store dental information that is secure and organized. In addition, using less paper means less consumption of natural resources, benefitting the environment.

Digital X-Rays

In comparison with traditional film, digital x-rays produce significantly less radiation and are completed much faster due to less processing time. We can also digitally enhance and transfer images to better detect pathology and diagnose issues.

Intra-Oral Camera

Using a camera to capture color images of what we see inside the mouth, we can interact with our patients by providing a visual aid for explaining exam findings and treatment options. It also allows us to record images in the patient chart for later reference, or send images to a specialist for consultation.

Soft Tissue Laser

This technology can be used for a variety of procedures, including rescultiping gum tissue and removing small lesions. The laser provides an increase in patient comfort and less bleeding, which then leads to a reduced healing time.

True Definition Scanner (digital impressioning system)

Using a digital scanner to take impressions when making a crown or bridge provides the highest level of accuracy and efficiency, and eliminates the need for messy impression material.


Veloscope Oral Cancer Screening

This tool emits blue light that causes soft tissue to fluoresce (glow) in distinctive patterns. Abnormal patterns will show up darker and can sometimes indicate trauma or disease. This allows the dentist to see if there are any abnormal soft tissue areas in the mouth, such as oral cancer.

CariVu Decay Detection Device

This approach uses trans-illumination technology to aid in the identification of cavities and cracks on teeth that may otherwise be hard to see with the naked eye. The device hugs the tooth and shines a light. Cracks and cavities absorb the light and make these areas appear darker on the digital image. This is a great tool when x-rays are not an option, or when an additional perspective is desired.