Human Services

Pharmacy - Our Purpose

The mission of the Fond du Lac pharmacy and the Human Services Division is to elevate the health and social well-being of Indian people living in the service area through the provision of services, research, education, and employment opportunities.

Fond du Lac Pharmacy Goals

The Fond du Lac Pharmacy is an integral part of a comprehensive, community-based healthcare delivery system. Pharmacy services are patient-centered and are directed toward optimal patient outcomes, health promotion, and disease prevention. The principle purpose of pharmacy services is to assure effective, safe, and cost-effective drug therapy.

Fond du Lac pharmacy services require that pharmacists and pharmacy staff consider and respect the cultural beliefs of the people they serve. Pharmacists strive to serve as role models in the community for those who wish to pursue careers in healthcare. Pharmacists also provide education and other services to support appropriate use of medications within our medical system and community.

Pharmacy services are fully integrated into the health care system. Therefore, pharmacists may be called upon to perform extended functions, such as primary patient care and program management.

A Message from Tiffany Elton, the Pharmacy Coordinator

Fond du Lac Pharmacy is a leader in providing pharmaceutical care. Our staff works closely with medical professionals to optimize medication therapy and patient care. We encourage patients and medical providers to bring their questions to us for consultation. Our pharmacists and technicians continually attend trainings to increase their medical knowledge base and cultural awareness in order to assist in patient care. Fond du Lac Pharmacy has been recognized within the state of Minnesota and nationally, for the ability to provide excellent patient care and expand prescription medication services. I am proud to work for Fond du Lac. It is a wonderful community with an excellent healthcare system.