Anishinaabe Language Immersion Camp, University of Minnesota Morris

There will be an Anishinaabe Language Immersion Camp held at the University of Minnesota Morris, in Morris MN, July 30 - August 10. Marcus Ammesmaki, FDL Language Advisory Committee member, will be one of the instructors at the camp. Click here for details if interested in attending.

2018 Kiwenz Ojibwe Language Camp

The Kiwenz Language Camp dates this year were June 13 – June 17, and celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Kiwenz language camp! Packed full of language & cultural crafts, the camp is designed for adults and youth, held on the shores of Big Lake at Kiwenz Campgrounds in Sawyer, the camp had activities for everyone! This was a banner year! Due to rain and storms, the camp was moved to the Sawyer Community Center, but a great and educational time was still had by all!

2018 Language Program Community & Advisory Board Quarterly Meetings

September 11 - Sawyer Community Center
November 13 - Cloquet Community Center

Meeting time: 5 - 7 PM

Click here for full details.

Ojibwe Language Table

Sawyer Community Center Language Table - Fridays

Brookston Community Center Language Table - Wednesdays

Cloquet Community Center Language Table - Thursdays