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Anishinaabemowin Coloring Books

Woodland Berries Coloring Book

Regalia Coloring Book

Mazinigwaasowin Beadwork Coloring Book

Bineshiiyag (Birds) Coloring Book

Lessons From Our Elders

Elders and Youth working together to preserve knowledge. A 4-CD Ojibwe Language Project.

Companion Booklet

Disc One - Elders teaching respect to children


Disc Two - Part 2.1 - Respect: listen to Elders when they talk. They are teaching. Observe What is being taught; medicines, doctoring ceremonies, proper ways to ask about these things.


Disc Two - Part 2.2 - Dancing. People gathered at Big Drum to ask for good health and a good life at each season. The difference between Big Drum and powwows and wearing regalia. Change in time of dance styles and passing of money.


Disc Three - Part 3.1 - Baby Swings; how to make one and create your own song. Cradleboards and a hole in the moccasin. Feeding baby and teaching baby life’s lessons from womb to Elder.


Disc Three - Part 3.2 - Making of a leaf doll and cradleboards. Finding medicine in the woods.


Disc Four - Part 4.1 - Living day to day with the differences of how it was years ago and how it is now. Funerals had teachings.


Disc Four - Part 4.2,/ - Doctoring by a medicine man. Know your language. Teachings and their purposes. Be happy with what you have.


See and Say Video Lessons

"See and Say" Ojibwe Immersion Videos: Stories from the 1950's, Revisited in 2017. All videos are captioned in both English, and Ojibwe for a more immersive learning experience.

"See and Say" Ojibwe Video Companion Brochure (video 1 - 7)

Supplemental Video Companion Brochure (video 8 - 11)


1) Gibiini’aanaanig Giigoonhyag (Cleaning Fish)

2) Ginaadoobiimin (We Are Fetching Water)

3) Nanaandawawiizo miinawaa Onandawaabamaan Anooj-enaanzoonid-asiniin (She Finds Berries to Pick and Searches for Agates)

4) Omagakii-ban gii Bagidenjiggzo (Frog Burial)

5) Izhaa Mazinaatesijigewin (Going to the Show)

6) Madweyaanimad (Hear the Winds Blow)

7) Oshki-miskwaanziganike (Making a New Roach)

8) Adaawenan Gitigaani-aabajichiganan (Shopping for Garden Tools)

9) Wepwaaganiked (The Pipe Maker)

10) Epiitendaagoziyang mitigoog (The Way We Respect Trees)

11) Nokakamagageng kitigaaning (Turning Over the Garden Soil)

Ojibwe Phrases of the Day

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