staff benefits

Fond du Lac Insurance Board Members

The current Fond du Lac Insurance Company Board members and Advisors are:

Nate Sandman, Employee Representative FDL Human Services
Associate Director
Kurt Larson, Employee Representative Fond du Luth Controller
Chuck Walt, RBC Representative FDL Executive Director
Fred Underwood, Division Director Representative FDL MIS Director
Dennis McCauley, Employee Representative Black Bear Casino Surveillance
Sean Copeland, Legal Advisor FDL Tribal Attorney
Vicki Radke, Accounting Advisor FDL Comptroller
Dannell Savage, Insurance Services Advisor FDL Insurance Services Financial Supervisor
Jennifer Hakes, Insurance Services Advisor FDL Insurance Financial Assistant
Sarah Holt, Insurance Accountant Payroll Services Director

Fond du Lac Insurance Board Mission Statement

To provide the participants of the Fond du Lac Reservation employee benefit programs with opportunities for economic security, health, and social wellness in the most prudent and efficient manner possible for the purpose of promoting employee productivity, loyalty, stability, and satisfaction.