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Employee Assistance Program

Fond du Lac Employment Assistant Program (EAP) Mission Statement

Fond du Lac EAP is to provide a healthy work environment so that each employee feels safe and supported in their workplace.

Fond du Lac EAP

The FDL EAP is designed to provide compassionate support to employees in addressing life challenges. EAP services is easy to access and will provide excellent resources to help you through. EAP Coordinator will bring your concerns forward so that you have a voice in your situations.

Is what I discuss with the EAP Coordinator be kept confidential?

The details of your participation with the EAP Coordinator may not be released to anyone without your written consent. Your privacy is protected by strict confidentiality laws, HIPAA & 42 CFR part 2. The EAP follows the Certified Employee Assistant Program “CEAP” code of ethical standards.

How to get in contact with the EAP?

The employee can set up an appointment to meet in-person, video, texting and e-mail are the best way to access EAP services.

Referral to the EAP

Self-Referral - The employee can arrange a private appointment to discuss any type of personal challenges or problems that may be too much to handle alone.
Management Referral - Supervisors, Managers or Directors can assist any employee in arranging a private appointment when there has been a noticeable decline in work performance.

What Does EAP Offer?

The EAP Coordinator may provide information that is designed to help you and your co-workers establish resources and enhance communication skills. Challenges left unresolved can often lead to more serious situations with a greater risk that your health or job performance can be jeopardized. If you take advantage of the help and support offered through your EAP and address your challenges before they become serious, you and your department will both be proactive in your approach in solving the challenges. Fond du Lac offers Family Medical Leave Assistance “FMLA” and Reasonable Accommodations to employees as it states in the FDL Employment Handbook.

The EAP Coordinator can assist you in learning some simple coping skills to improve your job, career, personal growth, and networking that may be a better way on how to deal with challenges in your life. Will ensure that all employees will be treated fairly when assisting you in your concerns. Will help you address challenges that can improve your job performance and reliability. Will educate you and your department of the Fond du Lac policies that are set in place to work with all employees so that their work environment can be a healthy place of employment.

FDL offers two external EAP’s for employees:

NUVantage 1-800-577-4727 | Wellness Resources | NuVantage (lssmn.org)

New York Life 1-800-538-3543

Contact Information:
Human Resources Department
Deb Mallery, Employee Assistance/Relations Coordinator
Office 218-878-7514
Cell 218-390-4993
E-Mail: debramallery@fdlrez.com