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Tribal Government

TEC Tribal Constitution Interpretations

Interpretation No. 1-80 - Powers possessed by Tribal government

Interpretation No. 2-80 - Authority to establish Tribal Court system

Interpretation No. 3-81 - Contracting and administering educational programs limiting benefits to children of ¼ or more Indian blood

Interpretation No. 4-81 - Authority and power to interpret the Constitution

Interpretation No. 5-84 - Definition of"majority of eligible votes cast." (Rescinded)

Interpretation No. 6-84 - Records open to inspection under Section 4 (b)

Interpretation No. 7-86 - Definition of "resident eligible voters" and how number is to be determined

Interpretation No. 8-94 - Delegation of authority is given to the Reservation Business Committee

Interpretation No. 9-95 - Rights of reservation voters to petition for a referendum (Rescinded)

Interpretation No. 10-96 - Reaffirmation of position that officials of the government of the United States do not possess any legal authority to interpret the Constitution of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Interpretation No. 11-09 - Reinstate Interpretation 9-95

Interpretation No. 12-09 - Clarification "Born to a member"

Interpretation No. 13-09 - Eligibility of candidate for office. This included a lesser crime under applicable law.

Interpretation No. 14-2011 - 2/3 Provision of Article X, Section 2 of the revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Interpretation No. 15-2011 - Article X Section 3 of the Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall be interpreted as requiring a majority vote of the members of a Reservation Business Committee to schedule recall election and all members, including the accused member, shall be permitted to vote.