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Housing Division

Home Care Tips

Household Tips for the Winter Season

General Tips

  • Clean dust from the back of your refrigerator (condenser coils) at least twice a year. If not done, your refrigerator works harder to keep your food cold, which increases your electric bill. If you do not know how to do this, call Housing and we will assist you.
  • Check for leaks under your kitchen sink cabinet and the bathroom sink vanity every month.
  • Can my heat be shut off in the winter? Yes! Many residents mistakenly believe that the utility companies cannot disconnect their heat during the winter months. The fact is they can and do. To keep your heat on, you need to contact your utility company to apply for protection from having your heat shut off from October 15 through April 15 of each year. This means you must make and keep a payment plan. If you cannot make your current payments, call your utility immediately to set up a new payment plan. This Cold Weather Rule only covers natural gas and electric heat.

Septic Systems

  • Keep vehicles and people off the system - this includes the pipes, tank and soil treatment area.