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Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department consists of multiple programs and/or areas designated to assist with the administrative needs of the clients of the Fond du Lac Human Services Division. Below is a list and description of the programs that are offered within the Administrative Services Department.

Administrative Services Coordinator - The Coordinator for the Administrative Services Department ensures that all functions pertaining to program requirements and goals are met and policy and procedures are followed within the department. Please refer any questions and/or comments to 218-878-3820.

Sarah Murray

Purchased/Referred Care - formerly known as Contract Health Services (CHS), Purchased/Referred Care (PRC) funds are used to supplement and complement other health care resources to eligible people. These funds are provided by the Indian Health Service (IHS) and are used to pay for certain health care expenses received from other providers. Fond du Lac PRC is a payer of last resort and clients must apply for all other alternate resources that may be available to them. Assistance with applications is available. Clients may contact the FDL PRC office at 218-878-3733 for further information.
PRC Process | PRC Appeal Form

  • Bonnie Lussier

  • Allison Lussier

  • Becca Hill

Patient Resource Specialist - The Patient Resource Specialist implements the RBC approved policy and procedures for the utilization of the Special Funds (SF) and Emergency Assistance (EA) Programs. SF and EA are limited financial support that is available to FDL enrolled band members. These programs are a payer of last resort and participants must demonstrate that all other sources of payment have been exhausted including all private and public insurance before either program can be accessed. For questions regarding the SF and/or EA program requirements, please contact 218-878-3730.
Special Funds Application Form | Special Funds Appeal Form

Patient Advocates - The Patient Advocates educates and evaluates client eligibility for State and Federal insurance programs. The Patient Advocates staff works with each client to gather and prepare the appropriate paperwork for the predetermined insurance application process and follows through with the appropriate insurance program. Contact a Patient Advocate staff at 218-878-2165 if you have any questions. ABS@fdlrez.com

  • Peggy Broughton

  • Chelsey Dierks

  • Erica Dupuis

Medical Social Worker - The Medical Social Worker assists clients with many different individual needs such as; Medical Assistance, costly prescriptions, Medicare/Social Security applications, medical equipment, Assisted Living, Long Term Care applications, and any other community resources that a client may need.

  • Kathy Lichterman

  • Jim Barney

Billing - The Billing department administers patient claims to the appropriate insurance payers, posts payments within the medical electronic database, follows up on denied claims, manages patient accounts and maintains checks and balances with the Accounts Receivable department. You may call 218-879-1227 with any questions pertaining to your patient billing account.

  • Susan Charon
    Billing & Acct Mngr.

  • Penny Defoe

  • Heidi Flynn

  • Linda Hakala

  • Cheri Dahl

  • Jake Barney

  • Erica Whitebird

  • Joanne Carey

  • Megan Wait

Accounts Payable - The Accounts Payable (AP) staff are to ensure that payments are made to vendors for purchases and/or services that pertain specifically to the Human Services Division. The AP staff also takes in all Accounts Receivable monies to prepare for the Financial Assistant. HSDAccountsPayable@fdlrez.com

Kaylin Strom

Accounts Receivable - The Financial Assistant prepares all monies to be deposited. The Financial Assistant works closely with the Accounting Division as well as the Billing department to maintain a check and balance system.

Grants - The Grant Specialist assists with managing grant financials, requirements and processes with include grant applications, reports, budgets and manages expenditures for all Human Services Division grants.

Ryan Defoe

Registration/Secretary - The Registration staff ensure that incoming calls are directed to the appropriate party, prepare and route all incoming and outgoing mail, check in clients for their scheduled appointments, and maintain client records to ensure proper eligibility documentation is in place within the client chart. The registration area is designated to serve as the centralized unit for access to all Human Services functionalities. The Secretary staff assists with the daily functions of operational needs.

  • Jaden Skow

  • Tracy Swanby

  • Alexis Drake

  • Randi Nikko

  • Clint Northrup

  • Jean Tuttleton

  • Rachel Dickenson