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Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Counseling
The focus of the mental health counseling is “whole person wellness” which means maintaining a balanced level of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Counselors utilize diverse therapeutic interventions with individuals, family, and couples counseling when appropriate. Many therapists are trained and certified in trauma informed best practice such as EMDR, Brain Spotting and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

School Linked Mental Health (SLMH)
The Behavioral Health Department has made individual and group counseling available in several schools for American Indian children. Services are available as needed with the permission from a parent or legal guardian. Services are provided in a confidential setting and can be accessed during regular school hours.

Foster Care & Family Reunification
A counselor will provide mental health services and training to Fond du Lac foster parents, foster children and biological family members. The counselor administers mental health assessments and develops treatment plans with therapists, clients and case managers.

Psychological Evaluation
The purpose of psychological testing is to obtain an understanding of how a person understands and interacts with the world around them. It helps clarify a person’s clinical picture while taking the whole person into consideration. This gives the person and the clinician a practical understanding and direction as to how a person’s life can be understood, enhanced and improved.

Domestic Abuse Counseling and Education Program (DACEP)
Primary referrals come from clients in the court systems that meet MN State guidelines for domestic abuse offense. This program included assessment, individual and group therapy.

The Miikanaake Program, or Brain Wave Optimization (BWO)
Brian Wave Optimization is an enhancement of therapeutic interventions occurring with the therapist. It encourages self-regulation and relaxation. By balancing and harmonizing brainwaves with the use of cutting edge technology and software, a person can be assisted to overcome emotional and behavioral obstacles in their life. BWO is a natural way to achieve a longer lasting, deeper feeling of relaxation assisting your brain to reach a state of calm.

Children’s Mental Health Case Management
Case management is available for children experiencing adjustment, emotional and/or behavioral issues that impact family and/or educational functioning. With both children and young adults, the case manager will create a plan to work towards improved functioning and wellness.

Adult Mental Health Case Management
The Adult Mental Health Case Management Support Service Program is available to the Native American Population residing within the St Louis and Carlton County service area. Individuals who meet the mental health definition are eligible to receive Case Management /Support Services at CAIR and MNAW

Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) are a set of services that were developed to bring restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals who have the capacity to benefit from them, whether in their homes or elsewhere in the community. ARMHS includes four components: basic living and social skills, community intervention, medication education, and transitioning to community living.