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Pre-Diabetes Digital Stories:

  • Click here to watch Linda’s story about her diagnosis of prediabetes and her success in the Fond du Lac Diabetes Prevention Program.


The purpose of the program is to prevent diabetes in Indian people residing in the service area.

Diabetes is a serious problem for American Indians and Alaska Natives, who suffer from some of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.

Research has shown that it is possible to prevent diabetes through lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Exercising more
  • Eating healthy food
  • Losing weight

This program is for people who have a medical condition called “prediabetes”. It involves attending classes to teach you how to eat healthier food, increase your physical activity, and lose some weight.


Most people do not know if they have prediabetes. You could have prediabetes if:

  • Someone in your family has diabetes
  • You weigh more than you should
  • You had diabetes when you were pregnant (called “gestational diabetes”)
  • You had a baby weighing over 9 pounds at birth
  • A doctor or nurse has said to you that you have a “touch of sugar”, “border- line diabetes” or “prediabetes”


The Diabetes Prevention Program can help you in several ways:

  • We will monitor your health closely
  • You will receive a medical evaluation
  • We will provide classes on eating healthy, increasing physical activity, and losing weight
  • You may be able to prevent or delay getting diabetes by participating in this program
  • Together we will learn the best ways to prevent diabetes


  • American Indians, age 18 and older, who have a medical condition called “prediabetes” & are interested in reducing their risk for developing diabetes
  • Those who are willing to participate in regular diabetes prevention education classes and visits
  • Those who are willing to stay in the program for up to 3 years
  • Let the program staff know that you are interested in participating
  • They will schedule you for a medical visit to confirm that you are eligible
  • If you are interested in participating, we will explain the program to you & answer any questions


Contact Chris Foss-Tietz
at (218) 879-1227
E-mail Link