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Lessons From Our Elders

Elders and Youth working together to preserve knowledge. A 4-CD Ojibwe Language Project.

Companion Booklet

Disc One - Elders teaching respect to children


Disc Two - Part 2.1 - Respect: listen to Elders when they talk. They are teaching. Observe What is being taught; medicines, doctoring ceremonies, proper ways to ask about these things.


Disc Two - Part 2.2 - Dancing. People gathered at Big Drum to ask for good health and a good life at each season. The difference between Big Drum and powwows and wearing regalia. Change in time of dance styles and passing of money.


Disc Three - Part 3.1 - Baby Swings; how to make one and create your own song. Cradleboards and a hole in the moccasin. Feeding baby and teaching baby life’s lessons from womb to Elder.


Disc Three - Part 3.2 - Making of a leaf doll and cradleboards. Finding medicine in the woods.


Disc Four - Part 4.1 - Living day to day with the differences of how it was years ago and how it is now. Funerals had teachings.


Disc Four - Part 4.2 - Doctoring by a medicine man. Know your language. Teachings and their purposes. Be happy with what you have.


See and Say Immersion Videos

"See and Say" Ojibwe Immersion Videos: Stories from the 1950's, Revisited in 2017. All videos are captioned in both English, and Ojibwe for a more immersive learning experience.

"See and Say" Ojibwe Video Companion Brochure (video 1 - 7)

Supplemental Video Companion Brochure (video 8 - 11)


1) Gibiini’aanaanig Giigoonhyag (Cleaning Fish)

2) Ginaadoobiimin (We Are Fetching Water)

3) Nanaandawawiizo miinawaa Onandawaabamaan Anooj-enaanzoonid-asiniin (She Finds Berries to Pick and Searches for Agates)

4) Omagakii-ban gii Bagidenjiggzo (Frog Burial)

5) Izhaa Mazinaatesijigewin (Going to the Show)

6) Madweyaanimad (Hear the Winds Blow)

7) Oshki-miskwaanziganike (Making a New Roach)

8) Adaawenan Gitigaani-aabajichiganan (Shopping for Garden Tools)

9) Wepwaaganiked (The Pipe Maker)

10) Epiitendaagoziyang mitigoog (The Way We Respect Trees)

11) Nokakamagageng kitigaaning (Turning Over the Garden Soil)