emergency awareness

Fond du Lac Reservation Emergency Response Team is a Reservation-wide initiative designed to prepare, to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from major incidents.

Emergency preparedness are collated activities, that prepare a state of readiness to respond to extreme events that could effect our community.

To help Fond du Lac residents minimize the risk from emergency hazards, due to animal and human disease outbreak, chemical incident, explosion, fire, flood, radiation incident, terrorist incident, transportation, utility breakdown, weapons incidents and weather.

FDL Hazard Mitigation Plan Annex

Public Review Period and Public Meeting - May 24

Emergency Alert System

Why are citizen alerts important?

Emergency Alert System Sign-Up Instructions

Fond du Lac Community Members

Click the box to the right to sign up for the FDL Emergency Alert System

Fond du Lac Employees

Click the link below to sign up for the FDL Emergency Alert System

Employee Sign-up (only available within the Fond du Lac Network)

Emergency Preparedness Planning Forms

Steps to becoming prepared - Step by step guide to being prepared for emergencies

Family Emergency Communications Plan - Form for all contact numbers for family and emergency services.

Emergency Contact Cards - Cards for family members to carry

Master Emergency Supplies List - Check list of needed emergency supplies

Blank Emergency Supplies List - Blank check list for emergency supplies

Go Kit/Car Emergency Kit List - Lists to use along with Master Supply List

Emergency Preparedness and Response Websites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC - Emergency Preparedness and Response

CDC for Kids

Minnesota Ready

Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Weather and Wildfire Education Links for Kids

Home fire prevention with Sparky the Fire Dog

Wildfire prevention with Smokey the Bear

NOAA National Weather Service for kids