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The Min No Aya Win Human Services Center is located just off Big Lake Road, approximately 1.5 miles west of the Highway 33 and Big Lake Road intersection in Cloquet, MN. Min No Aya Win is approximately 1 mile east of the Fond du Lac Tribal Center and the Fond du Lac Ojibwe School.

The Center for American Indian Resources is located at 221 W 4th St, Duluth, MN, and can be reached at (218) 879-1227

Fond du Lac Human Services
927 Trettel Lane
Cloquet, MN 55720
(218) 879-1227
Toll Free #: 1-888-888-6007
Advocacy Crisis Line # (218) 348-1817
Advocacy Crisis Pager # (218) 725-9289
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April 2017 Calendar of Events

FDL Human Services

Human Services Advisory Board

The FDL Human Services Advisory Board has a vacancy for a Cloquet Representative. The Board meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. All interested submissions must be turned in by Friday, April 21, 2017. Click here for full details and submission information.

We are pleased to announce the names of our Human Services Advisory Board members. The HSAB meets the second Wednesday of each month at Min No Aya Win. If you have questions about the advisory board, please contact Sophie Tibbetts at 218-879-1227. 2017 Board Meeting Calendar

Cloquet Representatives:
  Vern Zacher, Board Chairman
Brookston Representatives:
  Herb Fineday Jr.
  Deb Mallery
Sawyer Representatives:
  Wayne Dupuis
  Mike Murray
Duluth Representatives:
  Sharon Johnson, Board Vice-Chair
  Mary Ann Walt

Patient Portal: A new, convenient way for you to securely contact your provider, see your Personal Health Records, view upcoming appointments, and more! Click here for details. See a registration employee to enroll!
Patient Portal Access Page

Medical Alert:

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has issued a press release about the rise of Syphilis cases among Indian women in Minnesota. Click below to read the press release, and to visit the MDH website for more information.
Press Release about rise in Syphilis cases
Minnesota Dept. of Health Syphilis informational web page

The Opioid Crisis in Indian Country - A presentation to the Fond du Lac Community given at the Black Bear Casino Resort on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

Talk Turkey About Your Advance Directive - an advance directive is a written statement of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment, often including a living will, made to ensure those wishes are carried out should the person be unable to communicate them to a doctor.

The Fond du Lac Family Wellness Collaborative and Fond du Lac Human Services presents the FDL Speak-Up Line. Click here for details and the phone number.

Addiction Support Groups are offered through the Tagwii Recovery Center. Click here for details and contact information.

Wiidookaage Cancer Plan 2025 - A Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan revised and implemented by the FDL Community Health Program Cancer Team.


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