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Nagaajiwanaang Ojibwemowin Miikanan miinawaa Waakaa’iganan
FDL Ojibwemowin Roads & Buildings


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Miikanan - Roads

Agidaaki Road - Up on the Hill Road

Amik Road - Beaver Road

Animikii Road - Thunderer Road

Bagaan Street - Peanut Street

Beneshi Road (Bineshiinh Road) - Bird Road

Bindigayn Road (Biindigen Road) - Come In! Road

Boozhoo Drive - Hello Drive

Dagwaagin Road - Fall Road

Gagwagim Road (Gagwejim Road) - Ask her! Road

Giiniw Drive (Giniw Drive) - Golden Eagle Drive

Ishpiming Road - Up in the Sky Road

Mahnomen Drive (Manoomin Drive) - Wild Rice Drive

Makwa Road - Black Bear Road

Mekana Road (Miikana Road) - Road Road

Migizi Road - Bald Eagle Road

Miskomin Street - Raspberry Street

Mizhakii Road - Touching Earth Road

Miinan Street - Blueberry Street

Ode’imin Street - Strawberry Street

Ogichidaag Road - Warriors Road

Ogichidaakwewag Road - Warrior Women Road

Ombendam Road - She is Excited/Hopeful Road

Ozhigaw Road - Make Someone a House! Road

Waabooz Road - Rabbit Road

Waagosh Road - Fox Road

Zhimaaganishag Road - Soldiers Road

Zhingos Road - Weasel Road

Waakaa’iganan - Buildings

Anishinaabewigamig - Building of the People - Language & Culture Center

Aaniin - Hello - Internet Provider Program

Bami’idiwin - Caring for Each Other - Supportive Housing

Ganawendaawasowin - Child Care Center

Gitigaaning - Place of the Gardens - Agricultural Division

Giiwedin Gitigaaning - North Gardens

Kiwenz - Elder Man - FDL Campground on Big Lake

Mash-Ka-Wisen (Mashkawizin) - Be Strong! - Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

Min No Aya Win (Mino-ayaawin) - Feeling Well - Human Services Clinic

Na’enimonigamig - Storage Area - Cannery

Nagaajiwanaang Adaawewigamig - FDL Store - Gas & Grocery Store

Nagaajiwanaang Ashandiwinan - FDL Foods to Feed Each Other - FDL Food Distribution

Nagaajiwanaang Webinigaaning - FDL Throwing-away Structure - FDL Transfer Station aka “The Dump”

Tagwii - New Moon Star - FDL Recovery Center (Drugs & Alcohol)